Collaboration with Kaori Muraji / 村治佳織とのコラボレーション

Kaori Muraji is a famous Japanese guitarist well-known in Japan and abroad. After our collaboration during the NHK program « TV de furansugo » in 2012 (where I was doing my part « Le saviez-vous » every week), she invited me for a talk about our experiences that became somehow a long 6p « crossed interview ». It’s been published in her official fan club magazine « Progressive ».

Kaori also asked me to draw a wide illustration for a limited series of « tenugui » (kind of tablecloth made of linen that can be used for decoration purpose, as a scarf, or even for wrapping things). The picture I drew shows her in the middle of  the Asakusa « shita-machi » (the lower part of a town), where she was born. So she wanted to be seen as a « child of Asakusa », such as Takeshi Kitano. Two versions have been printed : one with red lines and one with brown lines. Here’s the red version, and my original b&w drawing.

And last but not least, I have been asked to draw a portrait of her to make a series of postcards to be given to the people attending her live performances.

僕はやってました2012年の NHK の「テレビでフランス語」の街歩きの雑学コーナーで、毎週、村治さんと会話をしていましたが、その経験につきまして、村治さんのファンクラブマガジン「Progressive」で、お互いの長いインタービュー(6ページ)をしました。
progressive_itw1 Progressive_couv tenugui_photo
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