Interview on Nihon TV « Hirunandesu » (wed. june 13th)


Oh, by the way, last saturday I did a special interview for Nihon TV !
I’s a 2 hours long show called « HIRUNANDESU » (literally « It’s noon ! »), mostly for housewives, aired from 11h55am to 1:55pm.
It seems that the staff watched the french program on NHK in which I appear since april, and thought that I would be perfect for talking about… bread ! Yes. A french guy and… some bread, that makes sense ! ^^
I’m not going to tell you about what I said, so you’ll have to watch it until the end ! OK, here’s a hint : I appear during the first 30 minutes ! And broadcasting day will be Wednesday June 13th (tomorrow !).
I’ll not blame you if you record it instead of watching it live ;^)


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