NHK triple combo : TV program + 2 textbooks !


1)Eテレの「テレビでフランス語」に毎週出演し、「Le saviez-vous ? フランス街あるきの雑学」という自分のコーナーを持つことになりました!そこでは、私のイラストを見せながら、フランスを旅する際に知って得する情報を紹介します。






I’m glad to announce a big collaboration with japanese national television network NHK, starting  from april 2012.

1) I’m going to appear (physically !) in the weekly french program on « NHK edu » (educational channel #3) and I’ll have my own section called « Le saviez-vous ? » (« Did you know that ? »). In this corner, I’ll be presenting a few useful tips about travelling in France while showing illustrations especially made for this purpose.

2) Those illustrations will be published in the monthly textbook « テレビでフランス語 » (« Terebi de Furansugo », learning french on TV), edited by NHK Publishing. This textbook gathers the content of the 4 weeks shows . My section « Le saviez-vous » will have 8 pages in each issue.

3) Last but not least, also from this april I’ll be creating 2 pages each month for another textbook published by NHK (which content comes from the daily french radio program) : « まいにちフランス語 » (« mainichi furansugo », everyday french). It’s about learning some simple french words by solving 2 simple illustrated quiz.

The program will be first aired on april 4th 2012, at 22:25. There’s a second broadcast the following wednesday at noon. So remember : each wednesday at 0:00pm and 10:25pm !

The 2 textbooks will be on sale from april 17th (saturday !).

NB : since the program has not been aired yet, I cannot show any picture yet, but I’ll keep you posted !


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