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Here’s a commissioned work I did for Air Tahiti Nui. It’s a promotional fan that has been given away at a Tahitian dance festival in Tokyo. It was funny to work on such a project because I had to change my usual style to make  it « lineless » and more exotic ! I hope you’ll like it !






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旅をテーマにフランス語を学んでいる千代田区民自主サークル「らぱん旅倶楽部」による企画・主催の写真&イラスト展。同サークルのフランス語講師の一人であり、  「NHK  テレビでフランス語」に出演(2012年4〜9月)のイラストレーター・マルタン、同番組の現地レポーター・ケイコ、写真家・中川節子、井田 純代、杉浦 岳史、ミカエル と「らぱん 旅倶楽部」の仲間たちの作品を展示。

10月17日(水)〜 10月24日(水)
〒102-0074   千代田区九段 1-5-10
「九段下」バス停下車 徒歩1分

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私が担当するコーナー「LE SAVIEZ-VOUS ? フランス 街あるきの雑学」では、私がコーナー用に描いた、知って得するフランスの雑学イラストを説明をしながら紹介しています。また、舞台となるカフェの壁には私のイラストが飾られていますので、背景も見てくださいね。







On april 4th, the french program « TV de furansugo » by NHK (the Japanese national television network) has finally started !

I was a bit nervous to appear into such a famous program, rolling over 30 years, and to see myself « performing » the role of a cafe owner ! Fortunately, I’m not always on screen and the great team formed by Chloé, Guillaume, Kawatake sensei and our navigator, Kaori Muraji, works pretty well.

In my special corner called « LE SAVIEZ-VOUS ? », I was happy to see my illustrations on the walls of the café and how my illustrations made especially for each show are shown on screen, while I’m doing the narration. The first 3 them were « Salutations », « Train » & « Toulouse » (my hometown). What’s next ? ^^

3 episodes have been broadcasted so far. Today, the 4th is going to be aired like every wednesday at 22:25. If you missed one show, you can catch up the following wednesday at 12:00am (noon).

I received a lot of positive feedback after 3 episodes and I hope it will continue until the 24th episode ! Thank you very much !

By the way, the may issues of  « TV de furansugo » & « Mainichi furansugo » are on sale now. In  « TV de furansugo » you can find each month 8 pages (2 for each show) of my corner « Le saviez-vous ? ». In « Mainichi furansugo », I do 2 monthly pages with some kind of illustrated quiz to learn french with fun.


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I did a special illustration for the model agency Echoes Tokyo’s 2012 new year card. (site still work in progress)

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I have been asked to draw 4 illustrations (+ 1 variation for each) showing the four seasons for the brand new site of Suruga Bank. (

After summer and autumn, here comes (logically) the winter !

The spring illustration will be online on february 21st 2012. Don’t miss it !

And by the way : merry Christmas !

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Like every end of the year, I designed some new year cards for the upcoming year.
As you can see below, I designed 5 types.
I can print them out and send them to you or send you a HD file, then you can print
by yourself. I can also design a special order made card.
If the prices below are not clear, please contact me.

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The 2011 november issue of the magazine « Biyou to keiei », aimed at people working in hair salons, has just been released. I did four illustrations for an article which theme was « salon = community ».

See the pictures here.

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大変お待たせしました!Cafe Marutan 4.0 が遂に誕生しました!デザインが一新し、旧バージョンより、ギャラリーが見やすくなりました。そしてこれからニュースを、ブログ形式でお伝えいたします。どうぞ宜しくお願い致します。

Long time since the last update of the version 3.0, sorry about that ! Thanks to WordPress, the site is no longer « powered » by MobileMe, so let’s bet that no problems will ever occur from now !

What’s new ? New design, new galleries with easier navigation through the pics, news & updates posted more in a blog style.

What’s not new ? Well I’m still french, still illustrator & designer and still living in Tokyo !